Dev. Design. Creative.

I am a creative wizard, who creates digital magic out of your ideas.



Starting with branding will set the foundation of your digital existence. No confusion between departments when one person manages the brand and design. Full design brand and system in Figma along with guides


UX/UI design, Interaction design, 3D Design,
Digital assets, Marketing assets.
Full design and prototypes in Figma with all specs and assets.


I mainly utilize no-code tools (mainly Webflow) to speed up the building process and give you an easy way to control you own site without the need of a developer.
Then I push the web's boundaries with Javascript, Three.js, 3rd party integrations.


After launching you have the option to keep me by your side for at least 6 months to help you increase your organic traffic.
6-12 month SEO campaign for growth.


Chris Soul







Chris was awesome to work with. He was a clear communicator, understood our requirements perfectly and went above and beyond in creating documentation for us to use in the future.
- Mik Larkin, Until Now Agency


Chris is an excellent developer who has been a huge benefit to our agency. He always goes above and beyond, is highly professional and the standard of his work and knowledge of Webflow is exceptional. I couldn't recommend him higher.
- James Wilkinson, Albatross Digital


[The project] far exceeded our expectations. Wow. The branding presentation left us speechless.We trust Chris's opinion for all the creative decisions of bar-L.
- Arron Tyler, bar-L


He is the most wonderful and handsome boy in the world. Super talented and smart. I love him a lot...
- My grandma, word for word

The Magic Process.

1. Intro

We have an introductory call,
see if we click,
make fun of your competitors,
agree on deliverables,
and get added to my client portal (fancy!) where you will be able to track project progress, see invoices, approve tasks, request a meeting, leave comments, etc.

Depending on what we see fit in the goals, you will go through some or all 4 of the following services.

2. Branding

We have a meeting to figure out the values your brand needs to portray,
what you like,
what you don't,
do market research,
and after some sketching and ideating,
I will present the new brand identity to you and everyone involved.
Your brand identity package will define:
The naming,
The typography,
The colors,
The logo,
The brand personality,
The visual style.

At the end of the project you will also be provided with a Brand Guidelines document that can help you keep your branding consistent across mediums.

3. Web Design

With solid branding in place, we have a strong foundation to start creating a website that will bring you clients,
will make your competitors jealous,
increase your credibility,
and make you proud.

We will start with content.
The website can be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. If the content is absolute dogsh!t, then so is the site.
Either we work together on the content or we outsource it to a professional.
The comes a creative exploration period where we determine the style of website you want and need.
Is it a straight-forward corporate website, or a crazy 3D interactive experience?

When that is set, I will design the main pages, and once you approve we can move to responsiveness, prototypes, animations, and asset creation.

4. Web Devel0pment

Now it's time to take the architect hat off and wear the engineer's. Your site will most likely be developed on Webflow, which gives you a fantastic foundation to scale.

With Webflow we can cut the development time from months to weeks, while still having the freedom to create any design,
add code,
easily manage a robust database
and even allowing you to make content changes in seconds!

The website will be developed with best practices in mind, accessibility, performance, and easy management.

You will have a "staging domain" where we can test new changes before publishing them live for people to see.

At the end of this step you will also get training for using the platform, so that you can manage the website even without a developer!

5. SEO

To set you up for success and keep growing, you have an option to have me on a retainer for a period of 6-12 months to optimize your online presence.

During this time I will help you set up "Google my Business", analytics, and keep improving the website's SEO.

If you don't know what SEO is, it stands for "Search Engine Optimization".
What does that mean?
It means optimizing your website to be classified by Google as an authority.
SEO will bring you quality traffic,
traffic which is more likely to buy,
and will increase your credibility.
People are already searching for your products/services, we just need to show it to them.

The reason this contract needs to be at least 6 months is because SEO results are slow. It is a long process, but the results are long-lasting will keep clients coming without you needing ads.

6. ...profit?

After this beautiful long journey, you will be left with a completely different business than what it was at the intro.
Hopefully my services will keep contributing to your future success and help you grow into what you hope to achieve.

Of course, we can still keep the retainer agreement and you will keep benefitting from having design, development, and SEO services from one person.

Otherwise, I will hand off everything you need to you and will help you understand how you can keep managing them in the future.



Webflow Development
WordPress Migration
External Integrations

Enterprise client Webflow site of 30+ pages, with template pages, components for important sections, and migration of 250+ articles.
We also used custom code to fetch job positions from the client's Greenhouse account directly into Webflow.

I worked on this project as the lead developer as part of Refokus Agency, from the building stage to the accessibility, speed optimization and SEO with the help of the client's SEO specialists.

Refokus 2022

Webflow Development
GSAP animations
External Integrations

To sum up the year, I helped Refokus push Webflow's boundaries by implementing complex animations while keeping the performance high.This was challenging as the site features interactive 3D elements, scroll animations, mouse interactions and hover interactions, sometimes all at once!The project was awarded website of the day by CSS Design Awards

Simon Kucher

Technical support

In a collaboration between Simon Kucher and Wall Street Journal, they wanted to have an interactive 3D element on their site, without compromising performance. But how do you do that when the model is 150+mb?

I was hired to consult them on the best way to achieve their vision and later implement the solution. In the end, I managed to bring the model down to 178kb with almost no visual downgrades, while also keeping it performant even for mobile devices


Creative Direction
UI/UX Design
Webflow Development
Coming Soon

A funky, crazy craft beer brewery that's about to launch early this year. After impressing the client with the branding, I was hired as a creative director of the project, taking responsibility for the company's image, finding creatives for the artwork, and crafting their website.


Real Estate Website

Interactive real estate website.
View Case Study
View live project
A map of Cyprus

Real Estate Website

Interactive real estate website.
View Case Study
View live project
A map of Cyprus

Real Estate Website

Interactive real estate website.
View Case Study
View live project
A map of Cyprus